Elvis Doesn’t Play to Empty Seats!

The late promoter Jerry Weintraub convinced Elvis Presley and his manager, Col. Tom Parker, to venture together for The King’s first national tour. The idea was to sell out big arena venues, which was an unprecedented idea at the time. Maybe the only thing more impressive than signing a deal like this one is Weintraub’s knack for problem-solving.

Elvis and Col. Tom Parker agreed on one condition and one condition only: no empty seats!

As it were, the successful tour was full of sell-out crowds. There was a date, however, with a matinee scheduled that was undersold by a few thousand seats. Weintraub knew that he couldn’t sell that many tickets with just a few hours left before the show. Nervous that he’d upset The King, he went into problem-solving mode.

Quickly, Weintraub ordered the stagehands to hastily remove a couple of thousand chairs from the general admission area in the pit. Ultimately, Elvis took to the stage and not an empty chair was in sight!

Problem-solving is a critical trait that the universe rewards heavily. If you don’t have it, look to examples like this one to empower divergent thinking. The greatest problem-solving happens with creative solutions like Weintraub’s unsold seat fiasco. If you’ve stubbornly been trying to solve a problem head-on, try the back door instead.

2/14/23 WOD

DEUCE Athletics GPP


Complete 4 Rounds of the Following:

3 Banded Bench Press


Complete 3 rounds for quality:

10 Single-Arm DB Chest Supported Row (ea)

12 Tate Press


“D.A. Cupid Shuffle”

With a partner, AMRAP 12

1 Bull Run

2 DB Squat Cleans (60/40)

4 Alt DB Front Rack Reverse Lunges




Make 3 attempts at the following complex:

4 Push Presses

Max Push Jerks



4 Devil’s Presses (45/25)

24 DB Rev Lunges

200m Run


Finisher: 3x 30 DB Tate Presses