Time is Cheap Now, Expensive Later

On a business call recently, the gentleman on the other line said, “Time is less valuable now.” I felt confused. He continued to explain that taking time to plan and prepare now is much easier and more affordable than later when things get tough and you need to be actionable. 

Putting in effort now pays dividends later. 

When it comes to the gym, for instance, it’s important to remember that this is “peacetime”. You’re generally healthy, well-to-do, and squared away. Doing the tough work now is fairly easy compared to future conflict. Imagine how expensive time would be if you had an emergency surgery fall into your lap or a physical altercation happened. You’d be short on time then and you’d have to produce results or face major consequences.

If your recovery from surgery depended on your health going into the operating room, you’d be hard-pressed to get fit in a hurry after a doctor has decided to perform surgery. If a man in a dark alley grabs your jacket and is demanding your wallet, there’s no time to train now. In both cases, time is now of the ultimate essence. However, preparing for those past moments seems plentiful by comparison. 

When it comes to taking action now (or later) for future benefit, choose now. It’s much more affordable.

2/13/23 WOD

DEUCE Athletics GPP

Complete 4 Rounds of the Following Complex

For Max Load:

Clean Pull

Hang Power Clean

Squat Clean

Front Squat



60 KB Swings (53/35)

40 Athletic Burpee

Bull Run

12 alt KB Goblet Reverse Lunge



Make 8 attempts at the following for height:

1 Hurdle Jump w/ Approach



Deadlift Against Mini Bands


In teams of 4 or 5, complete the following for time:

50 Alternating Rounds:

100’ Sled Sprint (45)


40 Alternating Rounds:

8/6 Cal Assault Bike Sprint


20 Alternating Rounds:

6 Burpees