No Future in a Frontrunner

There’s a moment in any game against an opponent or an athletic bout where there’s still time on the clock, but the winner has been decided. Whether it’s a blow out or just a lead that cannot be overcome, every losing team and individual has a choice to make, and I love observing this crossroads. 

The choice is one of dignity.

Do you play in honor of yourself, the game, and your opponent to the best of your ability without any conceivable chance of turning the tables? Or, do you forfeit your dignity because there is no upside? 

I love, love, love to watch people when things don’t go their way. It’s these moments that we see who is who and what is what.

9/22/21 WOD


Complete 4 rounds for quality of:

10 Landmine Overhead Press (ea)
8 Box Jump (AHAP)

Then, EMOM 12

Min 1: 5 Front Squats
Min 2: 30 Double Unders
Min 3: 30 Yard Overhead Plate Carry (45/25)


Complete 4 rounds for quality of:

4 Barbell Bench Presses
8 1-Arm Bent Rows (ea)

Then, complete 3 rounds for quality of:

12 Tempo Push Ups
15 Banded Face Pulls

Then, complete 4 rounds for quality of:

:30 Side Plank (ea)
400’ Suitcase Carry (200′ Left/ 200′ Right)


Build to heavy single Turkish get-up (ea)…

Then, complete 4 rounds for quality of:

8 Strict Toes-to-Bar
8 Bent Over Row

Then, TABATA 8: 

Max Calorie Row

Finisher: 100 Sliding Hamstring Curls