Imagining Practice Key for Peak Performances

I’m fortunate enough to mentor about a half a dozen entrepreneurs and managers as a part of some of the online education I do under the Hold the Standard initiative. Just the other day I was sharing an assignment with one of my new mentees. The assignment included a study from the world of sports psychology that was passed around in my days as a baseball player. 

This particular study has been replicated in several different contexts since, but it’s premise is critically important. In this case, “a total of 120 subjects were randomly assigned four groups.. Subjects received either (1) mental practice, (2) physical practice, (3) a combination of mental and physical, or (4) no practice.” Time and time again we observe that mental practice and creating imagery improves performance. The group who participates in both mental practice and physical practice often demonstrates an unequivocally advantage over others. While the results vary when it comes to only using visualization, common outcomes are that visualizations outperforms no practice at all and that some visualization can be as significant as only physical practice. 

This month we’ve been priming you physically to achieve a new personal best in the front squat. My question for you is have you imagined it yet? 

Make sure you can see it. Then, do it. 

8/17/20 WOD


[Meet at Anderson Park]


[Meet at Pan Pacific Park]


Make 4 attempts of the following for load:
:10 Front Rack Barbell Walk Out

1 1/4 Front Squats

Then, AMRAP 9
3 Hang Cleans (185/125)
30 Double Unders