Hidden in Plain Sight

You don’t want to read another opinion, dissertation, research study, or rant on nutrition. You don’t. It’s too confusing and adding one more idea on the topic is going to make the house of cards fall down. I get it.

Let me cut it to you straight. This doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, I’d argue that all this back and forth in the health world has just muddied the waters. Diet this, diet that.. here’s the deal, we’re sick and we need help.

Here’s some simplicity for you. We live in a world where we are willing to eat foods we aren’t willing to feed our animals. “Grass-fed meat all the way!”


“It’s healthier. Have you seen cows that eat grains and are all hopped up on antibiotics?”

Freeze! So let me get this straight… grains nearly kill our livestock, but we’re the first in line to buy “heart healthy grains.” We feed them grains to fatten them up, yet we think that dietary fat is our issue.

Fun is allowed!

The Kiwi demands that training be fun!

Picture this, you’re at a birthday party and the host’s dog, Chance, manages to jump up to snag a lone piece of birthday cake. “Oh no, Chance! He can’t have that.. it’ll kill him! Everyone knows dogs can’t have that…”

“But, did you want some cake?”

I get it. We’re confused. There’s so much contradicting information out there. Well, say what you want to say, but maybe we can start with holding ourselves to the standards we hold our pets. Is that too much? Maybe chocolate and grains kill us too, except for humans it takes longer and it’s called cancer, disease, obesity, and diabetes.

While you’re scouring the library, browsing the internet, or watching Dr. Oz for the latest greatest nutrition secrets, I’d encourage you to up your awareness to that which is already around you. There’s so much to learn that’s hidden in plain sight.


Logan Gelbrich


Tuesday’s Workout:

Complete 2 rounds for reps of:
In 7 min..
800m Run
Max KB Wallball Shots
-Rest 3 min-