Long Day? Choose Self-Respect

What if the last decision you made each day was a decision out of respect for yourself? As I write this, I find myself coming home at the end of an exceptionally draining day. Of course, most every day is this way, but today was unusually long. The first thing I want to do is eat. The second thing I want to do is sleep.

I just finished cooking dinner, and I realized as I was cooking it how thankful I am for the worldview that I apparently have that makes cooking real food a priority. Most people in this instance give in. It’s in moments like tonight that we often step outside of our nutritional intentions and feast on low performance, low quality foods. That would be the easy thing to do.

Marek channeling her inner athlete/coach.

Marek channeling her inner athlete/coach.

As I was cooking dinner, I figured I’d write about this experience, because not once did I think about calling in for Chinese or ordering a pizza. That’s not even an option for me. And, it’s not this way because I’m a health-Nazi or have some obsessive compulsive dietary complex. I simply have too much respect for myself. And, tonight I made a choice that honors self-respect as opposed to self-sacrifice.

Try this as an experiment. It doesn’t even have to do with food. At the end of your work day, make the final decision of the day one based on self respect as opposed to the opposite. Justifying poor choices with, “Hell, I had a hard day.. screw it!” may feel good every now and then, but it surely isn’t serving you. Maybe it means choosing sleep over Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, or it could mean one glass of wine instead of one bottle. Try it out. See what you come up with.


Logan Gelbrich


Wednesday’s Workout:

Hang Clean

Complete each of the following for time:
Run 800m
Run 100m (on the 5 min.)
Run 800m (on the 6 min.)
Run 100m (on the 11 min.)