Secondhand Squatting

24 years. It took me 24 years to give a squat a try. I mean a real try. I was told as a freshman in high school that I couldn’t squat. Thanks for nothin,’ Coach.

I couldn’t be more pissed, to be honest. Due to tight hips, back, and ankles I was unable to maintain position without falling backwards. I didn’t know any better and really didn’t give it a try until about age 24. Whether it was blind ignorance or laziness, I stayed this way and accepted what he said as truth, because he must know. He’s the coach after all.

Years later, I finally came around to learning more about my body and about fitness. I will forever be thankful for this journey away from the terrible advice I received in high school.

In ‘The Nation,’ we do a good amount of squatting. It is for this reason and this reason alone: The human is designed to squat, and turns out we’re all humans. Squatting calls on strength, flexibility, and kinesthetic awareness. Never take the ability to squat for granted, or the knowledge that you have about squatting.

I love hearing stories of our athletes telling those that are close to them the importance of squatting. To their amazement, most of the people they tell have a good amount of trouble with basic bodyweight squat. Let me be the first to tell you that you are doing this person such a favor by teaching them this.

In my humble opinion, secondhand smoke is one of the worst things around. “Secondhand squatting” on the contrary is one of the best things! Keep spreading the squatting, because people’s lives will change forever. Mine did.

Squat more!


Danny Lesslie


Thursdays’ Workout:

3x Max Effort L-Sit


Then complete 5 rounds for reps of:

1 Min. Max Hang Power Cleans (95/65)

1 Min Max Jumping Lunges

1 Min Max Push Ups

-Rest 1 Min-