Athlete Problems

Got sprained ankles, blisters, bruises, shoulder tweaks, aches, and pains? These are the kinds of things people will warn you about training with us. They’ll tell you to be careful. You see, in their life, they get to live free of such ailments. These common ailments will be “Exhibit A” in their arsenal to prove dangerous this training protocol is.

And, you know what? They’re right. I cannot guarantee that when taking on our General Physical Preparedness (GPP) classes with us that you’ll experience anything less than the aforementioned “injuries.” Heck, I’d bet that most students will experience all all of them. I will, however, challenge the significance of these injuries.

Challenging that what we do as unsafe isn’t accurate. I can argue that till the day I die and win debate after debate. I can’t and I won’t be able to say the blisters and shoulder tweaks I mentioned above aren’t part of the gig, however. What gives, you ask?

Let me start by saying, these aren’t injuries. These are “athlete problems.” Name any sport and the aforementioned “injuries” are just another day on the job. Sure, they hurt and aren’t necessarily bright spots in the experience, but the upside is tremendous. Living an active life and building capacity to be able to do things that were once impossible seems like an easy trade off in exchange for a couple “athlete problems.”

You’re an athlete. Don’t forget that.


Logan Gelbrich


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