Take that Day!

What are the movements you don’t enjoy? Are there any that you would be happy if they stayed off the whiteboard for, well, forever? I am just not a fan of

Not Knowing: The Best Practice

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There’s something wonderful about uncertainty. For starters, it makes us uncomfortable. Well, some more than others, but you know what I mean. That’s why challenging strength days around the gym

“The Baseline”

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Remember your ‘Intro?’ You were a young strength and conditioning whipper-snapper looking to change your life. And, that dreaded “Baseline,” was was harder than it looked, wasn’t it? Zero percent

“It’s a great day to be..”

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While playing baseball in college, our head coach, Rich Hill, had many sayings. One of which we often laughed at and later would be caught repeating was, “It’s a great