Not Knowing: The Best Practice

There’s something wonderful about uncertainty. For starters, it makes us uncomfortable. Well, some more than others, but you know what I mean. That’s why challenging strength days around the gym terrify me and it’s the same reason why I love them. They are critical to training, but also important developers of mental capacity.

After all, “it all starts with the mind,” right?

Those hard workouts that happen at a blistering pace surely aren’t a walk in the park, but, for me, nothing replaces setting up for a movement or a lift that leaves you uncertain as to what the outcome will be. Sure, ninety-five pound thrusters suck, but I can bet that no matter how hard I’m breathing that I’ll be able to make it out of the bottom to finish the rep. Put something near my one rep max on the bar and walk up to it out of breath, and we’ll now I’m talking to myself. “How is this going to go?”

Heavy days leave you wondering, “Will I make this lift?” You start your effort willing to give your best not knowing if you’ll succeed or not. Now, that sounds like living!

We all empathize with these feelings and the subsequent mind games these challenges can play on us, but, in a weird way, I think we can embrace the harsh moments of truth. Training with uncertainty truly is the best mental practice.

Go heavy. Grow your mind!


Logan Gelbrich




7/22/14 WOD

4 Rounds:
200m OH Plate Carry (45/25)
5 Power Clean and Jerks (155/105)