“It’s a great day to be..”

While playing baseball in college, our head coach, Rich Hill, had many sayings. One of which we often laughed at and later would be caught repeating was, “It’s a great day to be a Torero!” The Torero (a Spanish bullfighter) is the University of San Diego’s mascot, and when you’re living in paradise and doing a lot of winning one would have to agree (especially when compared to a day in the life of an Aztec).

Maybe it’s just habit, but I often catch myself trying to say the DEUCE Gym equivalent of this exclamation. I believe that it really is a great day to be a member of our community every single day.

Push ups and squats aside, each of you are apart of a team, as unconventional as it may be. You’ve got assets in the students, the coaches, the rich experiences, and the fitness here. You’ve got an unofficial badge of honor in this community that you get to carry wherever you go.

Would you agree? Is it a great day to be a DEUCE Pirate?


Logan Gelbrich





2/3/14 WOD


8 Shoulder-to-Overhead (155/105)
12 Air Squats
200m Run