Essential Weightlifting

This past weekend the following image floated around the internet. I made it for my brand ORIGINAL Nutritionals’ Facebook page to reflect a dynamic  that is nearly universal in our population.

Catch 22 weightlifting

I was inspired to portray this idea after a conversation I had. In reality, I’ve had the same conversation a few hundred times. People tend to tell me how much they appreciate the things I teach followed by all the unfortunate reasons why they can’t partake. I think the effort is to get me to support their reasoning.

That rarely happens.

I understand that lifting weights is scary. It’s scary for me, too. But, there’s good news..

You can make a barbell weigh anything you want. Yup, even your kind of weight.

When it comes to exercise using load is a key tool. And, guess what? If you could squat with barbell on your back, wouldn’t you need a healthy back to do it? Or, does that only work the other way around and you’ve been cursed with a lemon for a spine?

If you want to tell me that your body type, knee pain, or aesthetic preferences makes you exempt from bearing load through large ranges of motion, I’ll listen. I just can’t agree with you.

Logan Gelbrich


Tuesday’s Workout:

“Battery Work”
Even: 6 Bent Over Row
Odd: 12 Narrow Push Ups

Complete the following for time:

Power Snatches (95/65)

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