WLC 2013: Personal Experience

As most of you know, we as a community are going to be participating in The Whole Life Challenge. I am not sure where you stand with this as far as your participation, but I would like to tell you my story in case you don’t already know. It was last year when my life changed forever.

I grew up in the Midwest in a middle class home, eating a typical low fat, high carbohydrate diet. I played sports since I was a child, and remained fairly active through college and into my early working years. I didn’t ever really question what I was eating or why I was eating it. At this time of my life, I was mildly overweight, had asthma, had pretty serious allergies, and had some gut irritation. The scary thing is that this was all normal. I was so far into this, that I wasn’t aware of a way out.


T-Bird enjoys the "good light."

T-Bird enjoys the “good light.”

It wasn’t until a challenge such as this came around that I decided to actually just play the game and see what happened, I mean what did I have to lose. I still had the mindset that I could just out-exercise my bad eating habits. Well that is ridiculous. Here is what happened to me.

  • In 2 weeks, I lost 12 lbs!
  • In 3 days, my 15 year case of exercise induced asthma was gone! Yep, I said it.. GONE!
  • Within a week, my allergies were virtually nonexistent!

Those three things are HUGE for me. They absolutely changed my life. I still can’t believe all those years, my diet was all I needed to change, for all that. Just a bit of accountability from the challenge was all I needed to change everything.

I went to doctors for 15 years and bought inhalers… Oh, so many inhalers. Not one time do I ever remember any of them suggesting that diet may have something to do with my asthma. Dropping dairy and grains worked in 3 days. Along with the asthma went my allergies. I cannot even tell you how many allergy pills I have taken.

If nothing else, think of this as an experiment. If after 8 weeks nothing has changed, go right back. But, what if your life changes like mine did. Then what?


Danny Lesslie


Wednesday’s Workout:

In 5 minutes, Snatch for Max Cumulative Load

Run 800M

-Rest 3 min-

In 3 minutes,  Snatch for Max Cumulative Load
Run 800M

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