Medical Intervention for Leaders with Stress-Related Ailments Rising

I like to say leadership is irrelevant until something is wrong. If that doesn’t get your head nodding, imagine a fantasy world where everything only goes perfectly. Every plan is on time, every sales quota is met… everything is somehow perfect. What would you need a leader for? What would they do? What purpose would they serve?

Thank goodness for leaders. 

Well, everything, in fact, is not perfect. So, we need leadership to reconcile the gaps in life. As a result, leaders have a hard job. (Side note: our definition of leadership is separate from authority. Leadership is a talentless choice to be responsible for the results.) 

This article is not meant to be about me. Rather, it’s about the role of leadership and the parts of it that are rarely discussed. This isn’t a pity party, it’s a brass tacks look at the harsh realities of the much needed choice to be in leadership. 

I created a private group for leaders to learn and grow and in that group more than several leaders have received medical intervention for stress related physical ailments due to their role. 

Leaders are suffering. 

As a result, I want to signal a critical message to all people, leaders especially, to manage the health of their central nervous system (CNS). In our Leadership Laboratory group, we call this CNS hygiene. It’s not woo-woo, hippy stuff and it’s definitely not optional. 

When leaders are out of the game, then we all really suffer. If not you, then who? Lock in, leaders.

6/6/24 WOD

DEUCE Athletics GPP

Complete 4 rounds of the following:
6 Weighted Pull Ups

Complete 3 rounds for quality of:
10 KB 1-Arm Bent Over Row (ea)
12 DB Reverse Flies
8 Dragon Flies

Minute 1: 3 Hang Power Cleans
Minute 2: 10 Supine Inverted Rows



Every:90, Complete 1 Push Jerk
@~ 70/75/80/75/80/85/80/85/90%

Then, AMRAP 20
800m Run
10 Pull Ups
20 Push Ups
40 KB Swings (53/35)