Like hitting PRs..?

Do you like coffee? How about setting new records in your lifts? You’re in luck, because the next FREE Strength Chat is this Saturday and the topic is the set up of your back squat. Let’s get into it!

Chances are, your movement would be better if you could get in better positions and own larger ranges of motion.

In the squat, better positions mean increased longevity in training, more efficient movement, and greater force transfer, which equals more weight on the bar. 

If you feel like the above statement was aimed at you, you’re in luck, Bubba, because December’s Strength Chat will focus on building better positions for a stronger squat. The goal is to assess any ranges of motion in the hip, shoulder, or ankle that might be sticky and/or is keeping you from getting in the best position. From there, we will cover actionable drills to help you own and control larger, more efficient ranges of motion for increased stability.

Don’t worry, I love nerdy movement prep stuff, but If we didn’t squat at the end of this party, it would be a waste of time. The session will conclude with us testing new ranges and positions under load.


12/12/23 WOD

DEUCE Athletics GPP

Complete 4 Rounds:
8 Staggered RDL’s(ea)

Complete 3 rounds for quality:
16 Alt. Chest Supported DB Rows
12 Lat Pulldowns
10 Copenhagen Planks(ea)

Minute 1: 8 Lateral DB Lunges(ea)
Minute 2: 12 Evil Wheels
Minute 3: :30 Max KB Swings



Turkish Getup (ea)

Then, complete 3 rounds for quality of:
6 Czech Get-Up (ea)
10 Serrano Presses

Then, with one partner working at a time, AMRAP 10:
4 DB Thrusters (70/50)
20/16 Cal Bike