Hip Hop, Good Ideas, and the Progress of Human Consciousness

Hip hop is the most honest music genre. There’s a lot to love about hip hop, but I think the best part of hip hop is that it’s honest about influence. A cornerstone of hip hop is sampling, which is a process that originated with artists stealing sounds from old records to make new music. 

We’re all influenced from somewhere. 

And, hell, you can make the case that there isn’t such a thing as an original thought. Hip hop just tends to be more transparent about its influences to the point of paying homage. Award winning physicist, David Deutsch, distills down human intellectual progress simply as the process of replacing bad ideas with good ideas. 

If we let it be so, our entire worldview is nothing more than our current best ideas. The moment better ideas emerge and challenge our current ideas, we should trade them out. If we, like hip hop, can acknowledge that all of our inferences are borrowed in the first place, we shouldn’t be so defensive of our ideas, should we? After all, we’ve sampled them in the first place. 

May the best ideas win.

11/17/23 WOD

DEUCE Athletics GPP

3 Rounds:
6 Laying Medball Chest Pass

Then, EMOM 8
2 Bench Press Against Banded (Red/Orange)

Min 1: 5 Renagade Rows
Min 2: 10 Push Presses
Min 3: 12 alt DB Reverse Lunges
Min 4: :40 Double unders



Take 12 minutes to find a heavy single Stone to Shoulder…

Complete 3 rounds for quality of:
10 Med Ball Lateral Scoop Toss – Left
10 Med Ball Lateral Scoop Toss – Right

Complete 6 rounds of the following for time:
200’ Sled Push (1/2 BW)
-Rest as Needed-