The Time I Set the Ballona Creek Bluffs on Fire

By the time I made it back to the lookout point with the model rocket in my hand the hillside was on fire. I just didn’t know it yet. Confused as to where Roger went, I stood there alone holding the evidence of how the first started in my hand. I learned exactly what I was in for (and why Roger had split) when the neighbor started screaming out of her second floor window at me with her cordless phone in her hand. 

“The hill is on fire! You guys set the hillside on fire!”

That was news to me but when I spun around and saw the smoke, I realized she had a point. I sprinted the two yards home to find my dad in the front yard talking with the neighbor. It was the only time I can remember interrupting two adults. 

“The bluff is on fire. It was an accident. We need to go now!”

We hopped in my dad’s truck and careened around the corner. The fire trucks were seconds behind us and the homes on the bluff began fighting the brush fire with the hoses in their yard. 

All and all, the fire was contained quickly and no one was hurt and no structures caught on fire. This all started because my neighbor friend, Roger, and I were shooting off our model rocket. After a successful launch, I went to retrieve the rocket down in the canyon after its soft parachute landing. Unbeknownst to me, a second engine charge went off into the brush from our launch area and started a fire. 

I’ll never forget having to walk down to those homes that were put in danger and knock on their doors one by one to apologize. There’s such humility required to stand before someone and apologize. It’s another level to mean it. We were ultimately good kids and it was an accident, but I’ll never forget how those apologies felt.

I was so afraid.

By the time we were walking back home I remember the overwhelming feeling despite the fear I had going into these apologies, that ultimately it’s tough to push back on someone who apologizes genuinely. 

Then, it gave me hope that no matter what, everything will be okay. Heck, it still gives me hope to this day.

Don’t be afraid to apologize. I bet they’ll accept it.

8/8/23 WOD

DEUCE Athletics GPP

Complete 4 rounds of the following:
2-Position Power Snatches

Complete 3 rounds for quality of:
8 1-Arm Lat Pulldowns (ea)
15 DB RDLs
10-12 Evil Wheels

Complete 4 rounds for time:
12 Overhead Squats (95/65)
1 Bull Run

(Time cap: 12 mins)



Alt 1-Arm DB Bench Press

Complete 3 rounds for quality of:
8 3-Way DB Raise
12 Bent Rows
20 Banded Triceps Push Downs

Then, complete 3 rounds for time of:
12 Alt DB Renegade Rows (50/30)
12 DB Push Presses
24 Double Unders