Change & the Unfortunate Truth About the Information Age

Why haven’t you had your breakthrough success yet? Maybe you just haven’t gotten around to reading the right book. Or, you haven’t asked Chat GPT for the information you need. Is it that there’s just too much to Google? Maybe there’s a seminar you need to take and the timing just hasn’t lined up yet? 

This is the first mistake people make in their own evolution. 

The mistake I’m referencing, of course, is confusing an adaptive challenge for a technical one. Let me explain. 

I’m willing to bet that it’s not for a lack of information that you’re not where you want to be yet. And, if it is only for a lack of information:

  1. That’s great news, and
  2. What are you waiting for?!

Not all problems are known and not all problems have known solutions. In most cases, the toughest challenges we face are adaptive in nature. This means the “solution” is only possible through adaptation. The person, place, or thing with the challenge would need to become a further along, more complex person, place, or thing. 

We’re in deep trouble if we assume an adaptive challenge is a technical one, because we start jamming more information in the same container. When in reality, what we need is a bigger container! 

If any of this sounds like you, I’ve got the most ironic sentence for you: you can learn how to drive your own adaptation a the DEUCE Growth Workshop: How to Illuminate Blind Spots next Wednesday July 12th at 110 Lincoln Blvd Venice, CA or at the Hold the Standard™ Summit in Brooklyn, NY September 23-24th. 

7/6/23 WOD

DEUCE Athletics GPP

Complete 4 Rounds
of the Following:
8 Single Arm DB Reverse
Lunge with Knee Drive (each)
10 Half Kneeling Bottom
Up KB Swing (each)
12 Staggered Stance Crossbody
Chops (each)

1. 7th Sreet Corner Run
2. 20 Wall Balls
3. :30 Weighted Plank



Strict Press

Complete 3 rounds for quality of:
50′ KB Bottoms Up Carry (ea)
10 Deficit Hand Release Push Ups
:20 Side Plank, 10 Side Plank Hip Drop (ea)

Then, complete 15 rounds for time of:
1 Bar Muscle Up
2 DB Snatches (100/70)
5 DB Goblet Squats