Frequency is Key in Small Action, Big Impact Changes

Have you ever peered inside someone’s daily routine? I have and I found massive opportunity with what I saw. Years ago, a friend of mine and I started our day together exactly how he starts everyday.

We got coffee.

But, that’s not all. He got his customary cinnamon twist to pair with the dark roast. Naturally, I had to talk trash. 

“Really, dude? Breakfast of champions?” I jabbed, thinking I was commenting on a one-off-splurge. Instead he told me, that he has one daily (Monday through Friday). He even mentioned how his nutrition is pretty strict the rest of the day and it was “his thing.”

Immediately I asked if he knew how many extra calories this was per month or even year. It was less an attack on cinnamon twists and it was more a commentary on frequency. I truly think that there’s massive power in the routines we accumulate volume in. This power can have incredible positive (or negative impact).

Imagine if there was a small amount of harmful substances in your shampoo, your car air freshener, or the beverage you start your day with. Individually these are unremarkable inputs, but things compound quickly when you consider a five or ten year period of daily exposure.

Want to make big changes with a light lift? Look for the things you do/use chronically.

7/5/23 WOD

DEUCE Athletics GPP

Complete 5 Rounds
of the Following Complex:
1 High Hang Power Snatch
1 Hang Power Snatch
1 Power Snatch

For Time:
KB Overhead Reverse Lunges (44/26)



Find a 1RM Power Clean & Jerk..

Then, AMRAP 14
15 Double Unders
10 Alt DB Rev Lunges (50/30)
5 DB Squat Jumps
-Rest 1 Min-