Lift Run Hang 2023: DEUCE Makes Irresponsible Decision to Offer Early Bird Tickets

Say it with me, people. “The early bird gets the….”

Worm, baby. You already know. Here’s the inside scoop:

Against the direct advice of our CPA, we’ve decided to open early bird pricing for the summer’s greatest event: Lift Run Hang 2023! That’s right until May 17th you can enroll for just $100, which is a $49 discount. 

Participants will receive:

  •  a FREE pair of STR/KE MVMNT shoes ($150 value)
  •  unlimited cold brew coffee (a dollar value only limited by your willingness to drink coffee)
  •  a beer (a $13 value by LA terms), and
  •  an unforgettable fitness experience at historic Muscle Beach (a priceless value). 

Registration for the 3rd Annual Lift Run Hang event is LIVE!

Lift Run Hang is the perfect community-based fitness event. It’s a tongue-in-cheek event that puts a premium on fun and people who take themselves too seriously will be forcibly removed. One guy got tased last year.. just kidding. But, seriously, don’t be weird. 


5/9/23 WOD

DEUCE Athletics GPP

Strict Press

Complete 3 rounds for quality of:
4-6 Wall Walks
8-12 Chin Ups
10 Pendlay Rows

Then, EMOM 10
Odd: 4 Box Jump (AHAP)
Even: 10 Alt Sandbag Reverse Lunges (AHAP)



Spend 10 minutes accumulating Cross Overs/Double/Triple Unders..

Complete 3 rounds for quality:
4-6 Weighted Chin Ups
10 1 1/4 DB Bench
15 Straight Arm Banded Lat Pull Downs

Then, in 20 minutes, complete the following for reps:
800m Run
30 Up Downs
800m Run
6 DB Shoulder-to-Overhead (50/35)
8 DB Hang Power Cleans
20 Lateral Plyo Skier Hops