The Importance of Doing Things Yourself in the Gym and in Life

In today’s world, we have access to advanced technology that makes life more convenient and efficient. With the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI), we can automate tasks, delegate responsibilities, and streamline processes. While technology has made life easier, it has also led to a growing reliance on automation and outsourcing. It’s easy to forget the importance of doing things ourselves, especially when it comes to our fitness goals.

The gym is a place where we go to challenge ourselves physically and mentally. It’s where we push our limits, break barriers, and build resilience. However, in recent years, we’ve seen a growing trend of outsourcing our fitness goals to trainers, apps, and wearable technology. While these tools can be helpful, they should not replace the importance of doing things ourselves.

One of the main benefits of doing things yourself in the gym is the sense of accomplishment and self-reliance that comes with it. When we set a goal and work hard to achieve it, we develop a sense of pride and self-worth. We learn to trust ourselves, rely on our abilities, and push through challenges. By relying on others to do the work for us, we miss out on the opportunity to develop these valuable skills.

Another benefit of doing things yourself is the level of control and customization that comes with it. When we rely on trainers or apps to guide us, we may not have as much control over our workouts as we would like. We may be limited by the trainer’s expertise, the app’s algorithms, or the technology’s capabilities. By doing things ourselves, we have the freedom to customize our workouts to our specific goals and preferences.

Moreover, doing things ourselves in the gym can also help us avoid a common pitfall: relying on quick fixes or shortcuts. In today’s world, we’re often bombarded with promises of instant results and easy solutions. While these may be tempting, they rarely deliver sustainable, long-term results. By doing things ourselves, we learn to appreciate the value of hard work, consistency, and patience. We learn to prioritize the journey over the destination and to embrace the process of self-improvement.

The same principles apply to life outside the gym. In a world where automation and outsourcing are becoming increasingly common, it’s easy to forget the importance of doing things ourselves. Whether it’s cooking our meals, fixing our cars, or solving problems at work, doing things ourselves can help us develop valuable skills, gain a sense of accomplishment, and avoid shortcuts.

In conclusion, while technology can be helpful in many ways, it should not replace the importance of doing things ourselves. In the gym and in life, we benefit from the sense of accomplishment, control, and customization that comes with doing things ourselves. By embracing the process of self-improvement and prioritizing hard work and consistency, we can achieve sustainable, long-term success in all areas of our lives.



Everything you just read was written by Chat GPT.

Ironically, the prompt was to write a blog for DEUCE Gym on the importance (especially during a time where AI is growing in power) of doing things on your own and not outsourcing responsibility. 

When I read the blog above, I read the lack of soul in it. I hope we keep enough agency through this technological explosion to maintain responsibility for the parts of our lives that are important human parts.

5/1/23 WOD

DEUCE Athletics GPP

Complete 2 rounds for quality of:
:10 Back Squat Walk Out @ 110%
— Rest as Needed–

Then, complete 4 rounds of the following:
5 Back Squats

Then, EMOM 12
Min 1: 15 Inverted Rows
Min 2: 30 Double Unders
Min 3: :30 Max Ball Slams




Tall Split Jerk

Make 3 attempts at the following for load:
1 Push Jerk
2 Split Jerks

Then, AMRAP 15
3 Pull Ups
5 Push Ups
7 Squats