The Key Elements of Storytelling

You don’t need to be a creative for the skill of storytelling to matter. One might argue that our species survived because of our ability to share stories. This past week I was fortunate enough to work with some of the most powerful and effective authorities on the topic of storytelling and speechwriting.

While frameworks never do the work for you, I do find them incredibly helpful.  According to Ty Spells, every great story of transformation includes:

  • A Sense of Normalcy (Sets the Scene)
  • An Explosion (or Disruption)
  • A New Normal (Where They are Now – Transformed)

Now, this won’t make you an instant hit at your next dinner party or get you elected to office by itself, but it is a foundation and a strong start. Ty offered additional elements for any great story if you want to take it a step further. According to the renowned speech coach, a great story needs the following:

  • A Character
  • The Ability to Elicit Empathy/Emotion
  • Specific Details (that You Can Visualize)
  • A Moment

Whether you’re a storyteller by trade or you are simply a human being in connection to others, I hope you put these foundational elements to use. Happy storytelling!

3/31/23 WOD

DEUCE Athletics GPP

Complete 4 rounds of the following: 

8 Back Squats


Complete 3 rounds for quality of:

8 Barbell Glute Bridges

1 40 Yard Bottoms Up KB Press


Then, EMOM 12

Min 1: 10 Fat Bar Inverted Rows

Min 2: 10 DB Floor Press

Min 3: :30 Max Double Unders




Alt Barbell Lunges


Complete 3 rounds for quality of:

6 Paused Deadlifts (Below-the-Knee)

8 3-Way Med Ball Series

12-15 GHD Hip Ext



Odd: :30 Max Meters Row

Even: 12 Wall Balls