The Magic of Meditation (Distilled)

If there are so many different styles of meditation, what makes it tick? Why is meditation regarded as a means for transcendence or even enlightenment? After all, some practices require a repeating mantra, others are led by counting breaths, some are heavy on imagery, and others bring awareness to body parts.

All styles of mediation allow us to observe the observer.

We humans tragically suffer often because of our lack of ability to see ourselves. Meditation offers a helpful distance between seeing and the seer. The essentialist view of meditation that drives practitioners towards transcendence in my view is simply being able to observe our thoughts rather than embodying them. 

If you’re spending a great deal of time in your head, maybe stepping back to observe yourself could be the refreshing perspective you need. Don’t know how to start? Try the Headspace App, put the length on the lowest possible (3 minutes), and you might just build yourself a healthy habit.

11/9/22 WOD


Complete 4 rounds for quality of:

8 Lateral Landmine Split Squats (ea)
10 Half Kneeling Single Arm DB Overhead Press (ea)
:30 Banded Stability Plank Hold

Then, complete the following for time:

DB Cleans (50/35)
Double Unders


“Hip Mobility Series 2.0”

Complete 2 rounds for quality of:
16 Alt KB Front Rack Shin Box Flow
:60 Lateral Banded Hip Distraction – Left
:60 Lateral Banded Hip Distraction – Right

Barbell Jumps Squats

Every 3 minutes for 10 rounds, complete the following:

Even: :90 Max Meters Row
Odd: 200’ Sandbag Carry

Finisher: 3x 15 Partner Manual Hamstring Curls