A “Shocking” Result After Missing the Gym for Weeks

Taking time off is scary, isn’t it? I can’t say I “took time off” on purpose, but I found myself on the back side of Lift Run Hang 2022 exhausted and my training was virtually non-existent for weeks. 

Have you ever thought about what would happen if you slipped up with your training?

Missing training feels bad and scary, doesn’t it? Like, what will happen if I slip? Hell, if today you told me that the next few weeks would look like the dark period I mentioned above, I’d immediately feel anxious. Well, I slipped, nonetheless. And, you want to know what happened?

Nothing happened. 

Sure, the first few workouts back felt tough, but don’t they all? I can still do things I did before. My body didn’t magically morph into some other shape. Everything is fine. The big fear of coming back after time off is a monster under our bed that we make out to be much bigger than it really is. 

If the worst thing that’s going to happen in your gym journey is that you’re going to slip up for several weeks, I can report that there is specifically nothing to worry about. Get back in the gym. 

Talk later.

10/17/22 WOD


Front Squat (4,0,1,0)

Complete 2 rounds for quality of:

16 Front Rack KB Reverse Lunges
15 Hanging Leg Raises

Then, EMOM 12

5 Bench Presses
8 Hand Release Push Ups


Alt. Axel Zercher Rev Lunges

Then, complete 3 rounds for quality of:

8-10 Ab Roll Outs
50’ Sled Lateral Cross Over March – Left
50’ Sled Lateral Cross Over March – Right

Then, in teams of 2 or 3, complete the following for time:

5000m Row

**Switch every 250m