The ‘Attia Rule’ We’ve All Been Waiting For

If you’ve spent any amount of time in the health and wellness space in the past couple years, it’s likely you know exactly who Dr. Peter Attia and Dr. Andrew Huberman are. Dr. Attia is a medical doctor with specific expertise and practice in longevity and healthspan. Dr. Huberman is a neuroscientist who runs the Department of Neurobiology  at Stanford University. He is also the host of the Huberman Lab Podcast, which hosted Dr. Attia as a guest recently. 

The wide-ranging conversation between the two is both dense and timely material. During their conversation, however, the two landed on the importance of training and seemed to agree that fitness cannot be overstated to the point of joking about those that want to split hairs about supplements, but don’t have basic fitness qualities. 

Until you’re fit, don’t bother debating biohacks.

Dr. Attia joked that he wanted to make a rule that no one on the internet could chime in about supplements and debate about them until they have some basic fitness capacities (i.e. two minute bar hang, isometric squat, etc.). Being agreeable, Dr. Huberman offered that it’s not appropriate for doctors to name things after themselves, so he took the liberty to name Dr. Attia’s tongue-in-cheek suggestion as the ‘Attia Rule’ for him. 

As a training facility, we constantly entertain wild conversations around the most minute details that don’t matter inside the margin of basic fitness capacity that is foundational to any of the desired positive outcomes in question. Frankly, it’s frustrating. To quote Attia, let’s get you to “deadlift your bodyweight for ten reps” before we discuss anything.

The lowest hanging fruit in your health and longevity is strength training at the gym. Until you have serious capacity, let’s not fret over which biohacks are best.

8/29/22 WOD



O: 8 Sand Bag Squats(AHAP)
E: 4 Box Jumps

Then, EMOM 15

Min 1: 5 Fat Bar Deadlifts
Min 2: 8 Ring Push Ups
Min 3: :20 L-Sit Hold


Pause Front Squat (13×1)

Complete 4 rounds for quality of:

8 Snatch Grip RDL’s
6-8 Ab Wheel Rollouts

Then, complete 3 rounds for calories and reps:

In :60…
:25 Bike
MAX Clean and Jerk (155/105)
-Rest 3:00-