Defining Laziness in the Non-Physical

We love to label physical behaviors, don’t we? People who do intense workouts are “hard workers” and “badasses” and the folks who don’t are lazy and weak, right? 


Context is everything, so I guess you could say that someone who works hard in their workouts is a hard worker… in their workouts. Life is a much bigger canvas than that, though, isn’t it? 

It’d be irresponsible to think how we do one thing is how we do everything

I think it’s important to acknowledge and discuss behaviors beyond the physical that exude strength, effort, hard work, and courage worthy of the title “badass”. These parts of life won’t require sweat or torn calluses, but certainly require a kind of hard work and dedication that cannot be discounted. Kindness, vulnerability, compassion, patience, and acceptance can all feel like Assault Bike sprints when it matters. Conversely, many of the names one might call a person who refuses to workout can be carried over to folks who refuse to choose kindness, for example. 

Want to know one of the laziest things you can do? No, I’m not talking about missing the gym for two weeks. One of the laziest things you can do is judge others. Rather than work hard for understanding, folks who are in constant judgment are taking the easy way out. It’s less effort and generally unhealthy just like choosing the couch over training. 

Surely, we’re a movement culture, but sometimes we need reminders that fitness is a tiny part of how we show up in life. Much of the hardest work we will do will be soft skills, interpersonal skills, and the long road to improved emotional intelligence. 

If you identify as a hard worker, try this. Rather than “earn” that title in the bubble of the gym, earn this title in the hardest areas of life instead.

4/25/22 WOD


Complete 5 rounds for quality of:

4 Push Press
5 Weighted Box Jumps – DB

Then, complete 5 rounds of the following for reps:

Devils Press (40/25)
-Rest :60-


Strict Press

Complete 3 rounds for quality of:

6 Plyo Plate Push Ups
12 Hanging Knee Tucks
15 Banded Straight Arm Pulldowns

Then, AMRAP 10

8 Devils Press (40/20)
20 Slam Balls