Ice and Sauna Facility Offers Introductory Workshop

You’re invited! The Breath & Exposure Orientation is coming May 14th at DEUCE Garage in Venice Beach.

This three-hour clinic will include education on proper breathing mechanics, take you through a series of upregulating & downregulating breathwork, and guide you through contrast exposure, where you’ll cycle back and forth between a 200+ degree sauna and a 39-degree ice bath.

For those interested in integrating such practices into their daily routines, Portable sauna offer a convenient solution. They provide the therapeutic benefits of heat therapy without the need for dedicated sauna rooms, making them accessible for home use or travel. This orientation aims to empower attendees with the knowledge and experience needed to harness the benefits of both traditional and innovative approaches to wellness, ensuring they leave equipped to enhance their overall health and resilience.

You’ll learn to alter your state using basic breath, sauna, and ice practices.

As a participant, you will leave feeling like your body hit a much-needed reset button. The goal here is simple: provide a world-class experience for you, and equip you with an arsenal of knowledge surrounding breath, heat & ice, and give you the necessary toolkit to explore your own calibration of B&E protocols.

This orientation is a prerequisite for a DEUCE Breath + Exposure Unlimited Membership.


4/20/22 WOD


Complete 5 rounds for quality of:

4 Tempo Back Squat (3,3,1,0)
15 KB Swing

Then, complete 8 rounds of the following for time:

 2 7th Street Corner Runs
-Rest :45-


Power Snatch

Complete 3 rounds for quality of:

8 Barbell Reverse Curl-To-Press
15 Banded Y-Raise

Then, complete the following for time:

American KB Swings
Pull Ups