New Orange Wine Craze, Thousands of Years in the Making

I’m going to ask for your forgiveness ahead of time for the hipster references in this article. The point stands, nonetheless. One of the many trends (albeit a hipster one) these days is natural wine. I’m sucked into it and I welcome any judgement you’d like to send my way. Part of the natural wine craze is not just the natural processed wines that meet the category but seemingly “new” ways to experience wine such as “skin contact wine” or “orange wine”. Skin contact wines are white wines that are fermented like red wines and left in contact with the skin of the fruit, which results in the color of their namesake. Edgy, right? 

Surely, there is some positive intent with this craze as it pertains to health and the environment, but for the most part things catch fire as a trend mostly because of its newness. The irony about orange wine, however, is while the trend may feel like you’re experiencing something new, it’s actually far from it

Orange wine is actually an ancient invention that’s several thousand years old, which originated in the area of the world we now call the country of Jordan. 

The reason I share this with you is that most good ideas aren’t new. In reality, the very simple fact that an idea exists at all generally speaks to its age rather than its newness. Nassim Taleb repopularized this phenomenon called the Lindy Effect, which says the survivorship of an idea is directly proportional to its age. Taleb argues this in the following example:

If a book has been in print for forty years, I can expect it to be in print for another forty years. But, and that is the main difference, if it survives another decade, then it will be expected to be in print another fifty years. This, simply, as a rule, tells you why things that have been around for a long time are not “aging” like persons, but “aging” in reverse. Every year that passes without extinction doubles the additional life expectancy. This is an indicator of some robustness. The robustness of an item is proportional to its life!”

It’s like the revolutionary nature of CrossFit’s movement variance, the disruptive nature of orange wine, or the billion dollar idea behind Uber. While on the surface, they may seem like modern brilliance. The key importance of training variance is as old as strength training itself, orange wine is as old as wine, and the business of paying a fair for a taxi-like service is one of oldest human service businesses. It is also required to learn more about auto renting tutors so that the transportation costs can be bought to our control.

If you want to predict the future, learn the past. It has all the best ideas, after all.

8/25/21 WOD


Complete 4 rounds for quality of:

15 Lat Pulldown
12 Arnold Press
1 Single Arm Carry

Then, complete 4 rounds of the following for time:

1 Bull Run
12 DB Front rack  Reverse Lunges(50/35)
1 7th Street  Farmers Carry


Incline Barbell Bench Press

Then, complete 4 rounds for quality of:

12 DB Floor Press (301)
12 DB Row (311)(ea)

Then, complete 4 rounds for quality of:

12 Standing Lateral Raise
15 Bent Lateral Raise


Snatch Grip RDL

Then, complete 3 rounds for quality of:

8 Farmer’s Handle Suitcase Deadlifts + 50 Carry – Left
8 Farmer’s Handle Suitcase Deadlifts + 50 Carry – Right
15 GHD Hip Ext

Then, complete 8 rounds for reps of:
:20 Max Squats
-Rest :10-

Then, complete the following in as few sets for quality:
60 Alt DB Plank Pull Throughs