Remote DEUCE Training Experiences Now Just $1 per Day

We’re pleased to announce that all of the digital training offerings are available for just one dollar per day. The COVID-19 crisis drove us to create remarkable training experiences that can be performed in living rooms, garages, and personal gyms all over the world. 

Traditionally, these programs cost $49 per month. However, we’ve made sweeping changes across the board to cost just $31 per month! Not to mention, all training experiences come with a FREE 7-day trial! 

The options include:

Strength 202

Strongman 202

Breath & Exposure 202

DELTA BRAVO: The DEUCE Home Training Experience

Speed 202

If you’ve been following DEUCE from afar, we hope you’ll engage with our robust online community and give one of these training experiences a try. You’d be surprised at how much progress you can make and how much money you can save along the way! 


8/6/21 WOD


Complete 5 Rounds of the Following:

2 Barbell Push Press
8 Chest Supported Row 

Then, EMOM 15

1: 30 Double Unders
2: :30 Max DB Thrusters
3: 7th Street Corner Run


Complete 4 rounds for quality of:

6 Pause Deadlifts (:02 AK)
:30 Side plank (ea)

Then, complete 3 rounds for quality of:

10 Single leg RDL (ea)
:30 Pallof press (ea)

Then, complete 3 rounds for quality of:

300′ Suitcase Carry
15 Straight arm banded pull down


Complete 3 rounds for quality of:

10 Alt Inverted Shoulder Taps + :30 Hold
12 Straight Arm Ring Rows
:20 OH Plank Hold

Then, make 3 attempts at the following complex:

2 Strict Presses
6 Push Presses

-Rest as Needed-

Then, complete 5 rounds for time of:

6 Devil’s Presses (50/30)
8 Alt DB Front Rack Rev Lunges
10 DB Deadlifts 
400m Run