Announcing the DEUCE Entrepreneurship Fund

DEUCE Gym has two bottom lines. First and foremost, we are a training facility where all motivated people can be coached remarkably in their physical development. Second, we develop leadership. Sure, the leadership we develop includes the types of capacities that support the aforementioned goal, but is not limited to it. DEUCE provides the context (a physical fitness gym business)  for an environment for its leaders to grow in a self-perpetuating manner. All parties, including our students, benefit directly from this pursuit. 

I’m not bashful in my pride about our newest announcement: the DEUCE Entrepreneurship Fund. In order for a system like DEUCE to improve by its own nature the system must support inquiry about shadows and weak points and seek out edges in ability. Through this process we open up frontiers of responsibility for members of our team, rather than creating good followers.

In that way, the DEUCE Entrepreneurship Fund is a resource of capital made available exclusively to DEUCE Leaders and aspiring coaches to pitch entrepreneurial ventures for funding with favorable terms. The superficial purpose of this fund is to realize the ideas that can positively impact the community laying dormant in our system and the deeper purpose is to use the rich learning environment of entrepreneurship to drive adaptation in the leadership capacities of the staff that serves you all. 

We’re recklessly committed to being an organization that spirals forward in its capacity to provide value to the community and develop men and women who are capable of more today than they were yesterday. Standby. We’ve got more leadership inbound.

11/13/20 WOD


[Meet at Anderson Park]


[Meet at Pan Pacific Park]


1 Power Snatch 
1 Snatch Balance
1 Hang Snatch

Then, complete 8 rounds for time of:
4 Overhead Squats (115/80)
8 Pull Ups
12 Lateral Plyo Skier Hops