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Coach’s Prep has been a cornerstone for DEUCE Gym since before the gym opened. In fact, we were very clear from the beginning that our ability to deliver the most viable training experience in the world and our ability to grow would be found (or lost) in our ability to develop remarkable people. Coach’s Prep began in the park in the spring of 2011. While we were incubating a fitness community, we put equal importance on the notion of incubating incredible coaches.

Years later, we’ve grown in more ways than we can imagine. That growth is thanks to Coach’s Prep. The fitness community noticed and soon aspiring coaches and experienced professionals alike would flock to Venice Beach to see what was happening. More and more emails and phone calls would come in, and finally at the first ever "Hold the Standard" Summit in Spain, the levee broke. The world was demanding access to Coach’s Prep, and now here we are.


Each week you’ll be presented with a video lecture, which will build conceptually each week. This information comes with weekly assignments, weekly quizzes, and weekly practical application exercises that will expand your capacity with relative challenges to your current ability.

Also included is lifetime access to the Coach's Prep private Facebook Group.

This course is a comprehensive look at the craft of coaching. Sure, we’ll dive into the details of imparting knowledge on an group of athletes, but Coach’s Prep also recognizes a 10,000 foot view of coaching that can help shatter the confines of a follow-the-leader mentality that is pervasive in the fitness industry today.

While Coach’s Prep is rooted in coaching movement, its application is broad and its students can expect to gain insight into coaching individuals and groups in an array of disciplines and contexts. Whether you’re programming and instructing group general physical preparedness (GPP) classes or you own a weightlifting-only gym, you’ll be outfitted with the skills to impart simple, clear, compelling communication. You’ll be able to create valuable context. Most importantly, you’ll finish this program as a better leader.

At DEUCE Gym, we’ve developed a model to answer the question, “What makes a great coach?” Coach’s Prep develops skills towards this definition.

Great coaching begins with some technical skills. In order, we call these skills your ability to set a standard, communicate the standard, and build the standard. It’s here we find the groundwork needed to choose and impart the right stimuli for the right people, skills to teach the information, and all the strategies for progressing, drilling, and cuing respectively.

While a good coach can manage these technical challenges, a better coach can hold these abilities and deliver them with context. Creating context is an intangible we place great value on and is the next layer of quality coaching. While a better coach excels at the technical elements of setting, communicating, and building a standard in the gym with context, the best coach is a leader. A leader goes beyond the technical aspects of coaching and even the ability to create contextual frame. A leader holds the standard.

In this course, we’ll back up your mental frame far enough to recognize that we’re drawing lines and making rules where there are no lines. We’re talking about movement and your ability to teach it will take technical skills. Do you know what to teach? Do you know how to teach it? When an athlete or many athletes deviate from the standard, do you have effective tools for bringing them closer to the standard? Is your communication simple, clear, and compelling? Sure, you can coach your athlete’s movement in this moment, but can you coach them beyond this rep and into their lives?

Lastly, can you transcend what written on the whiteboard and what happens in the gym and become a leader?

The course begins as soon as you enroll. Every week a new lesson will become available to you, which will in many ways build on the one before it.

After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as your subscription is active.

The online iteration of Coach's Prep lasts for 9 months. This is a total of 36 weeks of high-level course material and training.

When you sign up, the following week's lecture will be available exactly seven days from that point. So if you sign up on a Monday at 12:00 p.m., the following week's material will be available at that time next Monday.

Generally speaking, each week will consist of a video lecture, corresponding assignments, quizzes, and practice exercises that will expand your capacity with relative challenges to your current ability.

You will be billed every 30 days from the date of enrollment and can cancel at any time. There will be no refunds offered for the one-time payment plan.

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Facilitator's Handbook

Coach's Evaluation Tool

Introducing the All-New

Business Prep

There’s a tragic reality in the business world. What makes men and women who bring the most value great likely hasn’t prepared them for being a business person. This course is designed to allow the people who deserve to succeed in business the freedom to do so.


Whether you’re planning to open a new business or you’ve got years in business under your belt, this course provides a value-creating structure to both lay key foundations to scale a successful organization and patch faulty elements of an existing organization. If you want to have more success and more freedom, Business Prep 101 is your key to building a dynamic team and a thriving company.

Business Prep is an organized framework of the concepts that have propelled DEUCE (and numerous other case studies found in the course) to a position as a developmentally oriented powerhouse. Business Prep stands squarely in the middle of high level academic understandings of business and the two-feet-on-the-ground reality of life as an entrepreneur. With roots that stem from the University of San Diego Business School and Leadership studies school, subject matter experts at the Harvard Business Review, and the real world experience of the entrepreneurial creations of Logan Gelbrich.

The course contains twelve sections plus and introductory section. Participants will have access to each “week” of material at once and students can access the material at any pace they choose. Each section comes with a corresponding video lecture, reading assignment, case study, and practical assignment.

Where it seems like there are some magical elements of business and teams that find success, these principles are purpose driven efforts. This course will touch on the basic financials and structures of a business plan you can use to how to developing effective branding and build a team. Concepts like building culture and how to promote team members will no longer feel unclear. Each section’s assignment means this course isn’t hypothetical. You will have no choice but to challenge the status quo and make adaptive change with this frame breaking material. In order to solidify these concepts each section features a case study to reinforce your understand of how these principles are being demonstrated across all industries.

The world needs a new breed of business practices. This course will set the stage for your to grow both your bottom line and the developmental capacity of the people you work with.

The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course — you decide when you start and when you finish.

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.

Resources to get Started

Books & E-Books

"Going Right: A Logical Justification for Pursuing Your Dreams" by Logan Gelbrich

Going Right: A Logical Justification for Pursuing Your Dreams is a world-view shattering model of decision-making. In this book, we are offered liberation from our socialized, detached, and unsustainable methods of making life’s most meaningful choices. This is a fresh invitation to integrate our emotional passions, using our rational brain, while remaining grounded in real-world experiences. Gelbrich builds on leading academic theories and exceptional practical illustrations to support his proposed decision-making model.

Surprisingly, most adults today, who are privileged enough not to worry about their basic survival needs, operate as if pursuing the loftiest version of themselves poses a threat to their safety and an offense to the social norms of their lives. Many point to the risks of losing their own happiness, the possibility to not providing for themselves and dependents, and the social consequences of chasing down their ideal self-expression to fuel their logic against reaching for something higher. But basing the most meaningful of our choices, our dreams, on assumptions, and predicting the effects of our decisions on our most important obligations is robbing us and our communities of the happiness, our ability to provide for self and others, and social benefits that we find ourselves instinctively protecting in the first place.

Going Right explores the essentially grand, utilitarian advantages of an alternative logic and unlocks universal modern truths of pursuing our peak expression. The enduring stoic path of significance presented here leads us to hold greater commitments, practice deep work, remain resilient to adversity, experience moments of creative flow, and curate transferable skills. Whether in the context of relationships, work, or lifestyle, Going Right presents a solid case that braving your evolutionary resistances to continually pursue your dreams is truly the most logical choice you can make.

Developing an Unbeatable Culture

Great cultures make or break the world’s best teams and organizations. Deep down we might even realize the truth, which is that culture is bigger and more important than effective leadership. Unfortunately, when it comes to culture, we all too often assume it’s a magical quality that can’t be held down long enough to understand and even recreate.

We beg to differ.

“Developing an Unbeatable Culture”, is a premium resource for anyone looking to change an existing flailing group dynamic or wanting to build a brand new high performance group. Not only does it have roots in two seperate case studies, it outlines repeatable principles that unify the highest performing cultures in the world. Not only can you refer back to these evergreen mechanics of high performance culture, there are exercises built into the text that can put your organization's culture and processes to the test immediately.

Developing World-Class Coaches

This how-to guide, Developing World-Class Coaches, reveals the groundbreaking model for excellent coaching developed at DEUCE Gym. Inside you will find clearly outlined, universally applicable mechanics behind personal development from technical understanding of the craft and contextual perspective to the practice of adaptive leadership. This book is for anyone interested in being great or building a remarkable organization. Soon you will be armed with the resources to remove the autopilot-like stagnation of your coaching ability or that of the staff that you manage.

Hold the Standard


Motivated leaders are invited to dive into the teachable mechanics of high performance organizations. The two day course is not for spectators, participants and their organizations will become their own case studies. Each an every participant will leave the weekend with not just a deeper understanding of the history and evolutionary stages of organizations, leadership, and what makes a viable business, but specific systems, tracking documents, enrollment strategies, and plug-and-play programs that you can implement Monday morning.

Upcoming Dates and Locations

April 6-7 - Los Angeles, CA*
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*Early bird pricing available until March 1

Developmental Coaching

The Mentorship

This personal coaching environment is a consultancy that transcends any industry and personality. This engagement is one-on-one accountability that includes regular email communication, tracking, planning, and self-paced phone calls. The program is set up based on a monthly retainer.


It is a completely self-paced coaching setup — you decide when you’d like to start and when you’d like to finish.

We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.

Leadership Lab

The Leadership Laboratory is a closed group of 100 leaders around the world. Inside participants can expect:

  • An exclusive newsletter featuring mind-expanding lessons in leadership
  • Group consulting calls worth $$$
  • A private chat group to collaborate, learn, and connect
  • Annual in-person experiences