Is that DEUCE Gym?

Yesterday’s CrossFit mainsite workout was a short triplet. It was twenty one, fifteen, and nine reps of deadlifts, kettlebell overhead walking lunges, and bar facing burpees for time. Back in August CrossFit Games standout, Noah Ohlsen, was living in Venice and training with us. It took Noah five minutes and thirty seconds to complete it, and Heber Cannon of CrossFit Media was here to capture the magic as a part of a documentary on the sport.

After jokingly texting with Noah that he made the gym look good, the internet started to explode with hits, comments, and reshares of the video. Comments like, “That gym looks awesome!” and “Where is this??? This looks like a super fun box to play in!” were abound.

In reference to the video, I thought this is DEUCE Gym, isn’t it? The “Fittest on Earth” training in the Southern California sunshine in the yard at 110 Lincoln is our dream, right?


Though I love Noah and the video above, Juan’s photo below popped up on my feed and I had to smile. That is DEUCE Gym, too!


Hell, this morning I received a causal email from a DEUCE athlete who came up with the following poem while showering:

An ode to Deuce Gym, yes that’s it

I’ll write about inspiration and the idea of being fit

I thought I knew of fitness and athletics

But nope, Deuce taught me through insane calisthenics

Are they insane though, judging by what?

Isn’t it more insane to just sit there and fatten your butt?

I’d say yes, this crazy cult thing known as cross fit

I realized it’s about movement not an ego trip

The goal at Deuce is to learn to move with purpose

Take everyday movements and train to be elite on the surface

Wait the surface?  No that was just a rhyme

The intent here is to hold The Standard each and every time

Aesthetics mean nothing as I found out very quickly

Looking good should be a byproduct of fitness strictly

My confidence humbled and then built stronger than ever

Those Deuce coaches it’s an understatement to call them clever

I regress, I was just motivated thinking of my favorite place

So excited to rejoin them and share that sacred space

Well damn, that is DEUCE Gym, too. I’m not sure which makes me more proud of all of you but, in the mean time, I can do nothing but sit back and smile. Thank you to the greatest goddamn gym on Earth.

Logan Gelbrich


2/19/16 WOD


Split Jerk



200m Run

3 Burpees

6 Pullups

9 DB Front Squats (50/30)