Strength & Conditioning Wish List

With the holidays approaching, I figured we’d put together a little wish list for all you athletes. You see, I wanted to compile a few “gifts” that, if you had them, you’d be able to do anything you wanted in 2015 with your fitness. Here’s our top three gifts for the holiday season: Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 1.49.24 PM

Mature Squat

Without a mature squat, well… everything suffers. The squat is the best expression of hip, knee, and ankle functionality and health. With a mature squat, there’s no limit to strength development and one can expect surprisingly injury free sport/life. Since nine out of ten people don’t have one, you’ll be the coolest kid on the block.

Front Rack Positon

Without it there’s no shortage of wrist discomfort and underwhelming lifts in the front squat, clean, power clean, push press, push jerk, and split jerk. With a good front rack, the sky is the limit in terms of technical improvement and brute strength. Get a good front rack position and sit back and watch the ripple effect of success elsewhere.

Stable Shoulders

The shoulder joint is one of the most unrestricted joints in the body. With that comes a great deal of vulnerability. Strong shoulders don’t necessarily mean stable shoulders and visa versa. Our view is that a stable shoulder joint can aide in the development of a strong shoulder, safeguard from injury, and allow for a diverse movement selection for athletes.

If you’re missing one of these three basic capacities this holiday season, it’s worth your time to put them high on your wish list. Get all three for 2015!


Logan Gelbrich


11/21/14 WOD

10×3 Regular Stance Box Squat
**Efforts made every :45



1 Sled Push
5 Deficit Push Ups
10 Squats
15 KB Swings (70/53)