Agility Developed Here

Yesterday we trained six efforts with a cone agility drill. The output was twenty seconds long of voice command change of direction and fast feet. For even the most seasoned CrossFitter visiting, seeing this in a training session could seem special or odd.

Often our variance in training includes sprints, short shuttle runs, change of direction, single leg agility drills, and the like. We’ve said we’re a GPP program and these basic practices are a part of our charter.

Oddly, these elements of our training still seem to fall by the wayside for many GPP and CrossFit programs for the general population.

Don’t lose sight of the totality of skills developed here. You’ve got a ton of capacities inside each and every one of you. It’s our hope to shine a light on the full spectrum of human movement in your time here not just the commonly practiced ones.

Good work!


Logan Gelbrich


11/20/14 WOD

Heavy “Grace”
Complete the following for time:
30 Clean and Jerks (AHAP)