Tell Me Why

Why do you train? We specifically set aside time with each athlete as they enter our community to talk with them about their reasons for wanting to come here. I love this conversation. We do this because we believe it is very important to set the tone for what will go on in their training.

Everyone has a reason, and they all vary. Some are very clear, such as training for a race. Some are more vague, such as training to keep up with their children. All are very valid, and equally as important. This thing we do here, this fitness, is not an easy thing. Putting a heavy barbell on your back day after day, month after month can definitely feel like a grind. Waking up sore in the morning, coming into the gym to learn a new skill, and being cold early in the morning isn’t easy. But, if you have a reason, these are small hurdles.

Do you know your reason? Sometimes it changes. Mine has definitely changed over time. I believe it is important to know what your reason is. If you know this reason, the difficulties start to fade away. Tell me your reason in the comments. If you don’t know, let’s figure it out.

I train because it allows me to connect with people and help them.

Your turn.


Danny Lesslie


3/12/14 WOD


Odd: 1 Stone to Shoulder (AHAP)
Even: 8 Toes-to-Bar