Being a Closer

Yesterday I wrote about trying. I meant what I said. But, let’s be honest, trying is half the battle. Finishing, though, is a different story.

Finishing is where it’s at.

Not everyone who tries can finish and last time I checked, it was the closers that get the deal. There’s some grit and fight in someone who can finish. Our community led by example again with this one this past weekend.

The LA Marathon was met with a big sky, tons of sun, and 26.2 unforgiving miles. Joe Peterson, Lani Taylor, Sue McCreary, and Dana McCreary all said they were going to do the marathon. They tried. Better yet, they finished! 

Seeing Sue and Dana working together on mile twenty-five was the essence of being able to finish. They were upbeat and working on the task at hand. I spent the final two and a half miles with Lani, and I’ll say with confidence that I’ve never seen a greater effort than that.

If you find yourself amidst great efforts but often can’t close the deal, it’s time to bear down. Start small and become someone that finishes what they start. It’s a muscle that needs to be trained like any other.


Logan Gelbrich




3/11/14 WOD

Max Cleans (225/155)

-Rest 1 min-

Max Distance Burpee Broad Jump