[VIDEO] The Pursuit of Flow

If it’s easy, it’s boring. Dropping your balled up scrap paper into the wastebasket is not fun. It’s too easy. Take twelve steps back, bet your buddy a Coca Cola that you can make it, and it’s fun. Heck, you might spend fifteen minutes playing trash can basketball.

If it’s too hard, it’s no fun, either. If I asked you to run a 500 mile race with me, it wouldn’t be enticing. The challenge outweighs our preparation in a way that doesn’t allow us a chance for success. If I ask you to join me in a challenge that is just within reach based on your preparation, then it’s game on, however.

What we know is that when we meet great preparation with great challenges amazing things happen. Maybe my Coca Cola challenge a stupid example, but the point is stands true. We feel alive when we are challenged.

Opportunity to maximize the moment.

Opportunity to maximize the moment.

The intersection of opportunity and ability at the highest level is where we experience flowFlow isn’t just for NBA players and Olympians, either. The game winning moments where time slows down and an athlete feels the rush of ultimate clarity and productivity often found in a game winning shot are available to us all in our own relative way.

The pursuit of flow is a life strategy of utmost importance, in my opinion. In what ways, does DEUCE offer chances for you to experience flow?


Logan Gelbrich




3/13/14 WOD

Even: 8 Romanian Deadlift (AHAP)
Odd: 8 Hanging Leg Raise


Complete the following for time:
800m Run
50 Wallballs