Sweat Every Day

Fitness is full of fads. There is always something “newer” and “better” out there. Let’s be real honest with ourselves here, if you are not working hard, chances are the results you will see will be a bit lacking.

Everyone has a different prescription for what works in their life. Between CrossFit, yoga, running, weightlifting, Zumba, strongman, gymnastics, pilates, rock climbing, swimming, cycling, barre, triathalons, aerobics, boxing, etc, there’s a million options. I have my own personal opinions and preferences as I am sure you do as well. Furthermore, I respect others and their choices on what they want to do with their time. Throughout our lives, I believe that our choices will vary and change as well.

Some of the best advice I have ever heard on how to train came from Matthew McConaughey. He was once asked what his secret to stay in shape was. I will never forget the answer he gave. He said that he tries to “sweat everyday.”

The simplicity of this statement is brilliant. I am not sure that he realized how valuable these words could be. Setting aside gross errors in form, and unsafe practices, trying to get a good sweat each day is a very accommodating statement in regards to how he trains and longevity of training.

Your body and how you feel will vary from day to day, and surely from year to year, let alone decades. If your constant goal is to make your beautiful machine work in the form of exercise, I think you’ll will have success in the end. The classes you go to and the skills you learn will vary. One definite thing that I will say is that if you come through DEUCE Gym, we will do our part. For our piece in this world of fitness we are holding the standard.

Keep it simple. Show up and sweat with us!

Thanks for the advice, Mr. McConaughey. You’re welcome here anytime.


Danny Lesslie


3/4/14 WOD

Split Jerk


8 Burpees
100′ Overhead Object Carry (AHAP)