[VIDEO] Big Questions as a Resource

With access to Google, museums, documented studies, and volumes of other forms of research, it seems daunting that any one of us could be a resource, right? Well, one of our goals around here is to be a robust resource to men and women looking to be better. How, then, do we plan on being a resource to you all?



We plan on asking a ton of questions.

It is, afterall, this type of questioning that resulted in the video above and our quest into something is seemingly obscure as strongman. The beautiful thing about this strategy is two fold. Firstly, it fuels an effort to unearth more research and knowledge. Questioning begets more questioning and more looking for answers.  It’s natural locomotion for forward progress.

Secondly, consistent questioning creates natural quality control. It means we’re always “under the gun.” In other words, we aren’t able to learn something and tout it as gospel for years to come without challenging said belief. When looking at what we do and we ask, “Is there a better way?” sometimes the answer is, “Yes.”

Though a commitment to asking big questions is challenging, it does make us better, and for that we are grateful. Luckily, this strategy isn’t exclusive to strength and conditioning. You, too, can raise your game by asking some tough questions about your relationships, career, and worldviews.

Will you?


Logan Gelbrich




3/2/14 WOD

Part A: 6×3 Clean Pulls (AHAP)

Part B: 6×2 Pause Front Squat (AHAP)

Part C: Complete 3 round for time of:
50 Situps
200m Run