Want: Level 10

Is there something that you’re after? I mean, not necessarily with regards to training. I just mean in general. Do you have some master plan? A big fat goal?

I hope so.

We seem to attract people that say, “Yes!’ to those questions in our community. Whether you own up to it or not, however, I’d argue that we all have something we’re gunning for, and if you claim that you don’t then you’re probably just doing an exceptional job suppressing it.

Embo: Cooler than the other side of he pillow.

Embo: Cooler than the other side of he pillow.

My advice?

Don’t let anyone want it for you more than you want it yourself. Period.

You are the authority on this matter. You’re the captain. Call the ball. Take charge. If you can find someone that wants you to be successful more than you want to be successful, you’ll also have to endure the shortcomings of failure.

Think about that.


Logan Gelbrich


Thursday’s Workout:


100M Sprint

Complete 75 squats for time.


100m Sprint


**Athletes receive two scores. One for slowest run and one for timed squats.

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