Legs Again?

“Legs again?!”

Yes, legs again. And, here’s why:

Look down. Chances are you’ve got two points of contact with the ground. Yup, those are your feet. At this fitness school we are developing performance. In the world that we live in, we must navigate our tasks, for the most part, with two feet on the ground.

Take that one step further with me, athletes. Nearly all athletic movement happens in the standing position. Now, do a quick review of the last ten times you’ve been to class. You were probably on your feet a bunch, right? Yup! And, you were for good reason.

'The Nation' competes.

‘The Nation’ competes.

If wheeling out machines with padded seats and an accompanying seat belt improved real world performance, we’d do it. Trust me. Danny’s truck is big enough to haul that stuff now.

Sure, you’ll get strong throughout your body, as we don’t isolate muscles here. There’s strength in numbers, right? We like to use as many muscles as we can to do more work, faster. Keep in mind, however, that aesthetic changes are mostly a result of body composition, which means training that gets you breathing hard will have you all cut up like that picture that’s taped on your bathroom mirror, while crunches and lateral raises are just minutes of your life that you’ll never get back.

With two feet on the ground… I say, “Onward!”


Logan Gelbrich


Friday’s Workout:

4 rounds for time of:
15 Deadlifts (155/105)
25m Bear Crawl
25m Broad Jump

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