We Look Like People Who Can Do the Things We Do

You know what our stereotype is, right? I mean it’s obvious. DEUCE is scary, intense, and definitely not for beginners. 

If you’re reading this sentence, there’s likely a chance that I don’t need to convince you otherwise, but I bring this up because I heard someone say yesterday that if he goes to a new workout class and the people in the room don’t look the way he eventually wants to look, he beelines for the door. 

How many of our students look confirms our stereotype. 

A few times a year I catch myself looking around the yard and realizing, “Oh, strength training works. These people look strong!” Maybe it’s silly, dumb, obvious, or whatever, but sometimes I forget these things. 

The key is that our people don’t all look that way when they arrive. 

We all have a skewed view of reality, because, frankly, we see ourselves everyday. And, the next time you need a realization about how wonderfully your training is working, take inventory of the crowd around the yard and compare that to the baseline of bodies you see at the mall, airport, or wherever else. 

Form follows function and thank goodness we’re all out here functioning at a high level. You’re killing it. Keep going.

7/19/23 WOD

DEUCE Athletics GPP

Complete 4 rounds
of the following:
6 each Staggered Lanmdine
12 KB Front Rack Heel
Elevated Squat
10 Ring Face Pull + Press

For time:
5 Rounds
8 DB Snatches (70/50)
16 Wall Balls
1 Bull Run



Make 3 attempts at the following for load:
In :45..
100’ Sandbag Carry
Max Sandbag Front Squats
-Rest as Needed-

Complete 4 rounds for quality:
10 RDLs
8 Paused Dead Bug Pull-Overs

Then, EMOM 12
Odd: 8/6 Cals Bike
Even: 8 Devil’s Press