The Reasons You Are the Way You Are

We’re very fortunate at DEUCE to have access to a staff therapist, Sarah Baldwin. The optional resource is an industry leader with a perspective that centers around nervous system regulation and somatic healing. As I understand it, her work operates on a few important premises that are observations of the human experience: 

  1. You have a properly working nervous system. 
  2. The nervous system’s main function is to protect your well-being (regulate). 
  3. In that context, your feelings and behaviors make perfect sense. 

It’s quite liberating to know that there is a perfectly good reason for why you are the way you are and why you behave the way you behave. Now, of course, that doesn’t excuse all behavior or make troubling feelings magically go away. Nonetheless, as Sarah would say:

 “You make perfect sense.” 

Based on what I just said, imagine that your feelings and behaviors are likely the result of your experiences and subsequently your nervous system’s innate operation to attempt to self-regulate and you don’t know yourself well enough to know why you behave the way you behave. This feels like a catastrophic missed opportunity. Hell, it brings significance to the saying, “know thy self.” 

Since life doesn’t happen in a vacuum and we must bounce off of one another, interact, cooperate, and relate, one’s lack of self-awareness doesn’t just negatively affect Self. It affects us all. Our greatest chance to live and work together is to know ourselves, especially the parts that aren’t glamorous. 

Let’s dive in together!

1/2/23 WOD


Decline Barbell Bench Press

Complete 3 rounds for quality of:

12-15 Supine Inverted Rows
25 Partner GHD Hip Extensions

Then, complete the following:

10 KB Front Rack Squats (53/35)
8 Burpees Over KB

-Rest 2 min-

8 KB Front Rack Push Press
10 Athletic Burpees


Build to a heavy deadlift single…

Then, complete 4 rounds for time of:

15 Power Cleans (95/65)
15 Box Jumps (24/20)
15 Up Downs