Opposing Methods Continue to Produce Results

Show me your dogma and I’ll show you someone with better success with a nearly opposite approach. Read that again. 

For every carnivore aficionado evangelizing the need for animal protein for true strength gains, there’s a vegan out-squatting him/her. For every advice giving vegan nutrition coach, there’s an omnivore with better blood work. 

We all have our dogmas. The key is to hold them loosely. 

World-class athlete and controversial political figure, Herchel Walker, attributes his unquestionable athletic dominance to the 2,000 sit ups and 1,500 push ups he’d do before sunrise and the one meal he’d eat each day: a bowl of lettuce with occasional bread. While most any strength coach would tell you his training regimen is neither a “regime” nor is it effective training. You’d be hard pressed to find even a bad nutrition coach that would advise someone to eat like him. Yet, none of these people could win a Heisman. 

What’s the morale here? The call to action is to find what works. It’s not a hall pass to justify ineffective behavior. Instead, it’s a checks and balances that says if something works for you, great, but maybe it doesn’t need to be a new religion.

11/1/22 WOD


Complete 4 Rounds for quality of:

5 Landmine Negatives (ea)
8 Pause Single Arm DB Row (ea)
6 Quadraped KB Pass Through (ea)

Then, complete the following for time:

DB Snatches (50/35)


“Hip Mobility Series 1.0”

1:00 Low Couch – Left
1:00 High Couch – Left
1:00 Low Couch – Right
1:00 High Couch – Right

High Hang Power Clean

Clean Pull + Power Clean

Complete the following for time:

75 Wall Balls (20/14)
50 DB Box Step Overs (50/30)
25 Burpees