The True Judge of Character

Every day we are making judgements on people’s character. Whether it be through words in conversations or observations of others actions, we are consciously and unconsciously making assumptions and judgments. There is that scary word… JUDGMENT. It’s peculiar how often that word is used with a negative connotation because it is essentially the basis for how we choose friends, employees, partners, etc. We must make judgments in order to decide who we spend time with and do business with.

Now the reason that the word “judgment” gets such a bad rap is because we typically have to make these inferences on limited information. Most of the time we are observing people who are mostly aware that they are being evaluated in some way. But this isn’t so much a post about the people we cast judgment on, rather, it’s about how we act when nobody is watching. When there is no judgment to be held, how do we behave. 

We are most ourselves when we are alone and no one is around. And with the freedom to do as we please and say what we want away from any watchful eyes, we as humans falter. We see examples of this in the news almost on a daily basis. Professional athlete cheats on his wife… CEO steals millions of dollars… young artist takes his own life. 

But we also see the inverse, when information is discovered about the good someone does without anyone knowing. Like in a story I read the other day about Bayern Munich futbol star Sadio Mane. Mane was born in Senegal and since the start of his career he has sent home an allowance of $70/month to every resident of his village. He has done this for many years without any sort of recognition simply because he wants to give back to his people. All of these headlines can come as a shock to many of us whether it’s about something good or bad because our perception of people is limited to merely what we can observe and hear.

So the big question I have for anyone reading this is:

Who are you when no one is watching?

Is the person you are in public the same person you are when you are home and alone? A question I often ask myself and one I encourage you to ask of yourself. Because we are faced with temptations and decisions every day and your choices will define you. Whether it is done in private or in the public eye, we are attached to the sum of our actions.

What do your actions add up to?

10/11/22 WOD


Barbell Push Press

Complete 4 rounds for quality of:

12 Bent Over DB Rows
1 50 Yard Front Rack Sandbag Carry

Then, complete the following for time:



Weighted Wide Grip Pull Ups

Complete 3 rounds for quality of:

8 1 1/4 DB Bench Presses
50’ Hand-Over-Hand Sled Rope Pull
15 Plate Front Raises

Then, complete 5 rounds for time of:

12 Box Jumps (24/20)
12 Wall Balls (20/14)
200m Run