How to Win Stupid Prizes 101

The first time the man came into the coffee shop screaming, I slid over on the bench seat to make a clearer path to the door. Another patron ushered the man out and the crisis was averted. The second time he came in, I approached the man and ushered him out with simple words and body language, not unlike the patron before me. 

Now, keep in mind, each time this ordeal has unfolded I’ve been weighing the pros and cons about what to do (if anything) and as many of the potential risks as possible. It’s not a good situation and it seems at baseline that engaging with an illogical person has a high probability of a negative outcome. Plus, is he violent? Armed? You get it. 

That said, I (like the previous patron) seemed to evaluate that some resistance to this behavior had the coffee shop and other patrons’ best interest in mind. The problem came when the man came to the door for a third time screaming and causing a ruckus. 

When I approached him, I realized I was risking all the downsides of engaging with this guy again and that’s when he ignored my words and presence and went to maneuver around me to step further into the store yelling. 

Now, I earned my place in this crappy situation and that situation has escalated to a new one. Any goals I had about having peace and safety in the coffee shop are over if he goes around me and trying to intervene after this moment will be worse for everyone than if I do it now. That said, intervening now as he’s not compliant to my verbal asks means I’ll need to put my hands on him. This decision-making is happening in fractions of a second. 

And that’s when he bumped me to get around me and I decided there was no turning back. Immediately my hands were on him, and I was driving him outside. Of course, this was all a scene and I pulled him away from the establishment and ultimately to the ground where he quit. 

Then, came that awkward moment where I had to walk back into the shop. The awkwardness was palpable, and everyone’s pleasant morning was tainted with a little more violence than they signed up for. 

I was incredibly embarrassed. 

Soon a manager came over and asked to speak with me. Ultimately, I had to leave. And I can’t argue with that decision.

What I’m left with though is a thought. I’m not mad at my decision in the doorway to ultimately put my hands on the guy. I am upset I put myself in that position. That was dumb. 

When we put ourselves in the wrong environment, our best decision making often can’t save us from a bad outcome. As they say, when you play stupid games.. you win stupid prizes. Lesson learned.

6/14/22 WOD



5 Future Method Push Ups

Then, find a 1RM Banded Strict Press..

Then, complete the following:

8 Push Presses (40/25)
40 Double Unders

– Rest 2 Min –

8 Hang Devil Presses
40 Double Unders


Pendlay Row

Complete 8 rounds for time: 

1 Rope climb
16 HR Push ups
24 Alt Reverse Lunges
32 Double Unders 

Then, complete the following in as few sets as possible:

100 Banded Face Pulls