FACT: Perception Makes Nothing True

At the risk of losing you in the first sentence, I want to try to answer the question “What is true?” Before you roll your eyes completely back in your head, let’s consider the two obvious places to examine the truth: the past and the present. 

The Past

 As someone who loves a good true-crime podcast, the faulty nature of memory comes up often over testimony. The fact here is that perfectly honest people claim to remember things that never happened. In fact, Malcolm Gladwell went down the rabbit hole for us on an episode of Revisionist History called ‘Free Brian Williams’, who famously claimed over and over and over again on national television that he was in a helicopter under fire in a warzone when it specifically didn’t happen. Spoiler alert, the research shows that he (and others who misremember history) aren’t guilty of blatantly lying. 

The takeaway here is that even history isn’t something we can agree on. 

The Present

Frankly, things are looking bleak if we can’t find the truth in events in the past after the dust has settled. That said, any given moment is being “understood” by those observing it through the senses. Our perception, which is informed by our senses, is highly limited. The fact of the matter is that any given moment has billions of bits of information that are being combined, consolidated, omitted, and comprehended by our perception. Our perception, of course, is framed by a lifetime of curation to the point that two humans can perceive any given moment wildly differently. 

The truth is an aggregate of many perceptions (at best). 

Rather than completely cop-out of providing a specific answer. I think there’s a strong takeaway, nonetheless. We’re misguided if we think we see the truth clearly. At a minimum, bringing skepticism along with our beliefs will go a long way in our understanding. Furthermore, utilizing tools that include more perspectives than your own is a nearly required habit to see a more accurate truth.

3/16/22 WOD


Complete 5 rounds for quality of:

1 Bench Press
15 Roller Hamsting Curls

Then, EMOM 12

Min 1: 15 Banded KB Swings (53/35)
Min 2: 10 Pull Ups
Min 3: 7th St Corner Run


Back Squat

Then, complete 3 rounds for quality of:

12-15 Weighed GHD Hip Extensions
8 Goblet Lateral Lunges (ea)
100′ Sandbag Carry

Then, complete the following for time:

Overhead Squats (115/75)
200m Run