NEW: Los Angeles’ Premier Ice and Sauna Facility Adds Class Times

Great news! Breath & Exposure has important announcements that we know you’ll love: 

  1. MORE COACH-LED SESSIONS. We’re doubling availability for a coach-led experience! Breath & Exposure Sessions are open for drop-ins and B&E Unlimited members. 

  1. NEW PRICING. Breath & Exposure 202 will now simply be called Breath & Exposure Unlimited: 
    • Members – Only $75/month
    • Non-Members – Only $155/month

DEUCE Unlimited memberships are available to those who have been introduced to Breath & Exposure via the seminar or the 8-week course.

Members can utilize the B&E area any time throughout the day by reserving a SPECIALTY space on the Push Press App. Members are also welcome to the coach lead Breath & Exposure Sessions. 

  1. INSTAGRAM. You can find all the Breath & Exposure action on Instagram with our new account: @deuce_breathandexposure. Follow us now!
  2. 8-WEEK COURSE. Interested in immersing yourself in performance breathing? Curious about ice baths and sauna exposure? Get involved!

We’ll see you on the deck!

3/9/22 WOD


Complete 4 rounds for quality of:

8 Barbell Bent Over Row
40yd KB Front Rack Carry

Then, complete 3 rounds for quality of:

10-15 Neutral Grip Chin Ups
15 Dimmels

Then, complete the following for time:

1 Block Run
80 Inverted Rows
1 6th Street Hill Run
60 Push Ups
1 Bull Run
40 Push Presses (40/30)
1 7th Street Corner Run


Push Jerk

Barbell Bench Press

Then, complete 4 rounds for time:

10 Devils Press (60/40)
50 Lateral Hops-over-Dumbell

Then, complete 4 rounds for quality of:

15 Barbell Skull Crushers