Sit vs. Stand: Validation of Variance

It seems that most topics discussed these days have two sides, either for or against. Experts will choose sides and make arguments and claims for why their opinion is right and the inverse is wrong. I don’t think that either side is acting with malicious intent when disagreements like these arise, rather it is a concerted effort to seek truth in most cases. However, sometimes the “truth” lays somewhere in the middle and it can benefit all of us to abandon our tendency to think it is one way or the other and entertain the idea that it might be both.

What I am specifically referring to is the idea of variance. Much like the founding principle of CrossFit (constant variation) which relies on the incorporation of numerous movements and energy systems paired in such a way that creates an elite level of fitness. Variety can be that middle ground that draws us away from our dogmas and gives us a possible better solution that involves both sides.

In comes the debate on whether it is more productive and physically beneficial to sit or stand when we are working at a desk. One side claims that standing improves cognition and thus makes you more productive. While the other side argues that standing can fatigue you physically and in turn negatively affect your work. Enter the ergonomic desk chair and the slanted board for your feet to rest on for all those sitter-downers out there. And don’t forget about the adjustable desk that raises to the perfect height so you can stand while on your computer for all the stander-uppers in the workplace. The feud rages on!

Well science is king in this instance as numerous studies have been conducted on the performance and cognition of people who have so called “sit-stand desks”. These are basically desks that you can adjust up and down to fit whichever style you prefer. Well the results are in and the best position to do your desk work in is… BOTH. These studies showed that a mixture of both sitting and standing throughout your work day is actually the best technique for productivity. Sitting all day is obviously harmful to your body physically and standing may improve those ailments slightly but switching between the two positions is far and above the winner.

Just like in our training where we want to incorporate a variety of movements in order to see the best results, the same is true when it comes to working at your desk. The argument is settled, I know you were all hanging on the edge of your seat. Long story short, it pays to switch things up and understand that there are always two sides to every coin.

Cheers to variance and finding the middle ground.

2/15/22 WOD


1 1/4 Back Squat

Complete 4 rounds for max reps:

In :60..
20 Yard Reverse Sled Drag
Max DB Reverse Lunges
-Rest 1 Minute-

Then, EMOM 12

Min 1: 8 Single Arm Bent Over DB Rows (each)
Min 2: :30 L-Sit
Min 3: 6 Weighted Wide Grip Pull-Ups


Back Squat

Complete 3 rounds for quality of:

8 Good Mornings 
10 AB-Wheel Rollouts 
24 Alt. Reverse Lunges

Then, AMRAP 9

3 Devils Press (50/35)
6 DB Push Ups
24 Double-Unders