I don’t have to tell you how important sleep is. Or, maybe I do. Sleep, or lack thereof, has an array of negative health, physiological, and cognitive consequences. On a grand scale, the shorter you sleep, the shorter your life span. Grim, but important to realize. Sleep is more important than we think.

I, being a person who identifies myself as a ‘hard worker’ and ’resilient’, have fallen prey to the idea that “sleep is for the weak”. I for a long time thought that burning the candle from both ends was a trait of a successful person and a trait to aspire to. 

Boy, was I wrong.

Sleep is the most effective way to reset our brain and body health each day. More than being ‘tough’ I value being effective. As a coach, having energy, being mentally sharp, and quick to think, is what I desire everyday to deliver the best possible coaching experience for all the athletes I work with. It’s no coincidence that the days I don’t get sufficient sleep, I feel like I’m carrying ankle weights and a helmet that weighs an extra 20lbs. Ineffective. 

Work from home? Even then, getting good sleep keeps your immune system firing, improving your defenses against infection and ‘viruses’ (not gonna say it.) It has been shown that routinely sleeping less than six hours a night weakens your immune system. 

At this point you need to just realize that sleep matters a lot. 

Want to give yourself the best opportunity to feel your best? Get your sleep.

Stay tuned for more.

2/3/22 WOD


Bench Press


10 Inverted Rows
10 Bench Dips

Then, complete 5 rounds for reps:

In :60..
8 Sand Bag Squats(150/100)
Max Lateral Skier Hops
-Rest 2 Minutes-


High Hang Clean

Complete 3 rounds for quality of:

16 DB pull-throughs
8 Goblet lateral lunges (ea)
12 Goblet squats 

Then, AMRAP 15

3 Chest to bar pull-ups
12 Pushups
24 Squats